Techobuild is it-enabled construction company

A comple te partner of yours housing project our promise your dream home project is our responsibility. Right from plan approval to handover, we will manage and execute your entire project.We are a highly passionate team of architects and engineers who are experts in the field of real estate, architecture, project management, construction, e-commerce, procurement, and technology. Our precise execution of details with cutting-edge technology solutions sets us apart as one of the top construction companies

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Why techotrade

Design & Build, Virtual Reality, Building Materials, Construction Project Management, Interior Design Well, because the construction industry is broken. Although we almost always live in constructed spaces, and even though it's one of the largest industries, it hasn't evolved in ages. Design and build processes are inefficient to the core. This results in costlier buildings and lower compensation in the segment at the same time.

We are here to change that, we are here to transform the industry and give every one of our customers exactly what they deserve - a better experience, a better building, a better home! We believe we can do this by tapping into the power of internet, data, and lean principles and being on a path of continuous improvement. If you think construction sector deserves better, work with us. Harness the future of construction right by our side. Together, let us be responsible.

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Turnkey Construction & Interiors

End to end design & build package powered by techotrade technology, executed by trusted professionals. Let us build your project the techotrade way - better, faster & cheaper using the best of internet technology!  100% price protection promise

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Better Designs

Techobuild focuses on making sure your design is exactly right for you

Better Performance
Your building design will be highly energy efficient with natural lighting & ventilation

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Better Technology

TechoBUILD uses cutting edge technology to get you the home you deserve - homes that are safe, durable, functional, efficient, ergonomic, personalized, eco-friendly

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Techobuild building material advantage

We aggregate demand to offer economies of scale on material pricing not previously available to individual as a part of techobuild end-to-end building services, we offer our direct material customers unprecedented time and cost savings by leveraging the reach of our national supply chain and aggregating material demand across multiple projects to lower pricing.

We decode our client's complete material project requirements and ensure delivery in the right time, quantity and mix ensuring just in time delivery and reducing unnecessary inventory carrying costs while ensuring no delay due to non availability.Better prices shouldn't sacrifice quality. We hold every product to the highest design, durability and environmental standards.Our unique approach to construction of buildings and integrated national supply chain offers newfound.Planning to build your dream project like house, school, hospital, mall, office , instituions ? Better. Faster. Cheaper.

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TECHOBUILD is your one-stop solution to sort all your home needs ranging from construction to safety management



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